Unleash your uniqueness as an inspirational leader and leading-edge company

Means unleashing uniqueness for creating success, happiness and impact in a new (business) world.

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Discover your uniqueness, overcome fears and barriers for clarity and love. Reconcile with yourself and your life for finding inner peace and happiness.


Become an inspirational leader unleashing uniqueness and your full potential for success, happiness and impact in a new (business)world.


Build a leading-edge company unleashing uniqueness for a clear purpose, inner growth and inspired people.

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Our Co-Trainers for horse assisted trainings

Projektleiter, B+S AG

The training has been a huge benefit to me. Many thanks. It has been impressive and of utmost value for my future development. I will always
remember the work with the horses and the magnificent support of the team and I will implement all my learnings in a sustainable way.


Leiter Personal und Organisation Entwicklung, Migros-Verteilerbetrieb Neuendorf

Today we experienced a highly enriching day by not spending but saving money.


The workshop was a unique opportunity to develop a better picture of ourselves
and our colleagues. This self-awareness moves us forward as people.


Senior Organisation Development Lead

In all my years working in Organizational Development Andreas hit the nail on the head or should I say the heart with his empowering session on leadership. His session was from his experience, but if you connect this to theory each point is right. His journey is a lesson that I wish many executives would learn. I would recommend Andreas as someone who could inspire the change needed in many leadership teams to DARE to make a difference, to DARE to be authentic and to DARE to do what they know is right from the heart and will add value.


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Wir werden dir in Zukunft spannenden Inhalt und interessante Informationen rund um die Themen Führung, Transformation und Bewusstsein zukommen lassen und du wirst als Leser der Erste sein, der von unseren Terminen oder speziellen Aktionen erfahren wird.

Du erhältst mit der Anmeldung unsere 10 Erfolgsprinzipien FASCINADE welche ein Führungsbewusstsein geprägt durch Authentizität, Wertschätzung und Zusammenarbeit fördern.

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